Warrior Event Live Orlando – A Personal Thank You

I’ve just returned from the WarriorEventLive Orlando, a great Internet marketing conference. I’ll share more in depth thoughts about the conference below, but first, please watch this short 55 second video.

More About the Conference

I’ll be writing more about my Internet marketing experience as a whole, but I wanted to speak to a few things about the WarriorEventLive conference specifically. Overall, I enjoyed this conference immensely, but as with any event (or product), there are always areas for improvement.

Warrior Event Live Conference
Warrior Event Live Conference

What I Liked

  • The Location – The Holiday Inn and Suites had nice rooms and there was a TGI Friday’s attached to the hotel. It was easy to go grab a quick bite to eat, or a cold beer.
  • The Organizers – I had purchased my ticket early, but at the last minute, I worked with Brian McLeod to allow ManageWP.com to come on as a giveaway sponsor. Brian and Sam were very accommodating and made me feel like we were truly a part of the event. Thanks guys:)
  • The Sessions – Of course right? The knowledge shared during the panel discussion and by the presenters was very valuable. There were some assumptions made regarding the knowledge of the audience (more on that in the next section), but the level of knowledge being shared was truly transformational. The trick, as with any success, is to take action with what was being shared.
  • The “Unconferences” – This is something that someone new to attending conferences should know. The conversations I had with people outside the meeting room, outside the hotel, in the lobby, and at the attached restaurant were where some great networking and deal making happens. I’m an experienced conference-goer and this is always the case.
  • The JVZoo Casino Night Party – I don’t need to go into too much detail here…it was a party hosted by the team at JVZoo and it was pretty great:) Thanks guys!

What I’d Like To See Improved

  • The Conference Format – As I said above, it was a great experience overall, but I would like to see the format enhanced to schedule (or at least describe) the presentations in a way that attendees can get a better idea of what each presentation will be about. I talked with several people who also voiced this opinion. Specifically, people who were newer to Internet Marketing as a whole could have benefited from some more basic presentations…or at least one…perhaps a short presentation on Friday to kick-off the event, and then roll into the panel discussion.”Assumed” knowledge of the attendees seemed to be a recurring theme. I talked to several people just getting started who weren’t familiar with some of the basic terminology or processes involved in marketing themselves and their own products. It wasn’t a major hindrance, but they were telling me that they were Googling during the presentations to learn definitions of things like “Double Opt-in” and “SERPS”. Here’s a good resource for Internet Marketing Terms.Again, maybe a short “Intro to Internet Marketing” presentation at the beginning of future conferences to offer a high level overview of some of the various ways in which people could get into Internet Marketing. Things like website building, membership sites, webinars, affiliate promotions, list building, etc.
  • Sticking to the Schedule – This is the hardest part of any conference to achieve. I get it. Shit happens. However, as an attendee and especially as an attendee focusing on networking and making connections that involve setting up times to meet with others to discuss partnerships, the late starts in the morning affected my overall schedule. I didn’t want to miss any of the presentations, but I was forced to walk out of several in order to meet with people because they were running beyond the scheduled times.
  • Better Presentation Descriptions – This is directly related to the above. It would have been useful to have a short paragraph on the yellow sheet along with the listing of each of the presenters names. Again, I think a small bit of assumed knowledge might have been at play here as all of the presenters are well-known within the Internet Marketing community but not-so-well-known to those people newer to the industry.
  • Better Use of Social Media – The event has a dedicated Facebook Page and also a Twitter hashtag, but I found both to be a bit lacking with the amount of updated content and people actually using it in order to connect. My opinion (and you know what they say about opinions) is that the social channels should get more focus both before, during, and after the event as a place where attendees can connect and stay updated. I did find out (on the last day) that Roxanne Monette-Thompson was uploading a ton of videos and photos. The content she shared is great, but why was it not on the official WarriorEventLive Facebook page? Or at the very least, advertised as being shared by Roxie?

I want to be clear. Overall, the WarriorEventLive conference was a great event and one I would highly recommend to anyone new or experienced to Internet Marketing.

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