Upload an Image from your Computer

You may have your own photos on your computer that you wish to use upload and insert into your posts or pages for your website or blog. This video will show you how you can upload an image you already have on your computer.

How to Upload an Image to Wordpress
Uploading an Image from your Computer

Upload an Image to an Existing Post or Page

After you have found an image to use and saved it to your computer, you will want to go to the edit post or page screen. Simply find the page or post you wish to edit, hover your cursor over the title, then select edit and you will be on the edit screen.

Add Image

To upload the image to your page or post, click the add an image icon located next to the text, Upload/Insert, which is above the formatting toolbar.

You will see a new window appear with the options of, add image from a computer, add image from another website or URL, or from an existing image in the media library.

From Computer Option

To use the From Computer option just click the Select File option and browse your computer to find the image you want to upload, then click on select.

Edit Image

Once uploaded, you have the option of adding or editing the image title, add or edit alternate text (for those users who cannot view images), and the option to add a caption that will appear under your image on your website.

Make sure the Link URL, points to the File URL, so when your users click on the image they are directed to the full size image. Unless of course, you’d like to link it to some other web address.

You will have the option to align your image to the left, right, center, or you can leave it unaligned.

Insert and Preview

Next, click on insert into post or page and click preview changes in the publish module on the upper, right-hand side bar.

Publish or Save

Once you are happy with the preview, click on update and publish the post or page to your website.

If you are not ready to publish the post or page at that time, remember to click on save or you might lose all your changes.

Watch the Video

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