Unbelieveable Blog Giveaway

I’ve been an avid reader of Upstart Blogger for over a year now. Along with the great articles posted about how to generate a revenue by blogging, the owner, Ashley Morgan, often has giveaways while simply asking for a link back to his site and maybe a review. Although Ashley and I live in different countries, I’ve had the extreme pleasure to communicate with him one on one via email about the business of blogging and web development. From our conversations, I am of the opinion that he is a truly “stand up” and trustworthy person, and that’s one of the reasons I am writing this post today. The other is to promote a truly incredible giveaway that has just been announced on Upstart Blogger.

The short story is:

Today I am going to offer to you, for free, the five letter dot com domain name including it’s current blog and content along with full lifetime hosting. You can have everything transfered to your own hosting if you wish. This blog currently generates an income, some of which is guaranteed since I am one if its advertisers. You really are looking at a free lunch. A turnkey, ready to go, blog with an existing income stream.

Please consider this a friendly “passing of information” to all the WPM readers who yearn to get a jump start into the business of blogging. You know as well as I do that the “blogging for money” niche is, well, over-populated and full of scammy-type blogs that are obviously jumping on the band wagon. It is my philosophy that you can generate real revenue on your blog while still displaying relevant and helpful posts that will be of real benefit to bloggers of all types. I know Ashely Morgan lives by this philosophy as well, and that’s why I shared this with the community.

I encourage you to enter, and if you win, to enjoy the success that can be had with blogging to help others, and still generate a real income.

Good luck!

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