Travel Tips from an Avid WordCamper

A big crowd at WordCamp Phoenix

This list is not exhaustive, but after traveling to a different WordCamp almost every weekend for the past 6 months, these are some things that occurred to me as I sit here on this plane.

  • Always smell your “clean” hotel towels BEFORE you dry your face.
  • Many local craft beers are just not good. You have to try a lot of bad ones before you find the diamond in the rough.
  • It took 6 months of travel almost every weekend to finally qualify for Sky Priority on Delta.
  • Biggest benefit of Sky Priority? I can use the bathroom right when I get on the plane so I don’t have to get up during the flight.
  • Full-size laptops are impossible to use with the seat back tray. T-Rex arms all the way.
  • If you order a beer on the flight, there’s a 50/50 chance the flight attendant will give it to you for free because it’s a pain for them to use the mobile CC reader AND if you’ve had the opportunity to be friendly when boarding.
  • You can check your roller bag free of charge if you do it at the gate.
  • Airport food is mostly terrible. A few exceptions were Vienna, TGI Friday’s in Atlanta, and the BBQ place in Birmingham.
  • Bring your own bottle for water refills. You can bring empty bottles through security.
  • Podcasts are awesome.
  • Get an Amazon Prime account and use the Amazon Video app on your phone. Pre-download series and movies and you’ll be good to go.
  • I really need to buy over the ear headphones for comfort. In-ear ones for several hours at a time make my ears hurt all weekend.

There’s probably more, but the plane I’m sitting in is pushing back ready to leave Omaha.

Travel safe!