The FooBox Plugin Has Evolved

Last June the FooBox plugin was quietly released. Since that time, it has grown into a mature product with thousands of satisfied users but now FooBox is evolving into something more. Read on to find out what.

WordPress Lightbox Plugin
FooBox is Responsive and Social

What Is FooBox?

If you’re not familiar with FooBox, it’s allows you to make the images in your WordPress site open in fully responsive lightbox pop up windows. This means that any image you display is instantly re-sized correctly depending on the device that your visitor is viewing it from (desktop or mobile device).

More than that, FooBox also has a social sharing layer built-in that allows your images to be shared easily on many social networks (of your choosing).

FooBox Creators Announce FooPlugins

The team behind FooBox (and I am on that team) have officially announced the upcoming release of

FooPlugins is an expansion of their WordPress plugin product offerings. FooPlugins will offer both free and premium plugins, for WordPress and also jQuery.

We are going live on April 5th, but if you want to stay informed, please head on over and get on the email list to get notified when we launch.