Do You Need a Simple Wordpress Forum?

In my Wordpress website development travels, I have often had the need to install and develop forums for myself or for others. In the past I have relied on various open source forum applications and installed them into a sub-domain or a sub-directory. I did this because the forums I found that were tagged as being integrated with Wordpress, were sometimes difficult to modify, and some were just downright buggy. Well, I think that search for the perfect Wordpress forum has ended, and I’m eager to get started with Simple Forum.

I learned of Simple Forum through comments on Justin Tadlock’s Structure theme page by Mr Papa (who helps out on the plugin development). Although I haven’t yet installed Simple Forum, I have read through the installation Docs (a separate download in a nice pdf format), and it’s straightforward and well laid out. I will be installing this forum plugin in the coming weeks to try it out.

What are your thoughts on Simple Forum for Wordpress?

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