Simple WordPress Forum Plugin – Revisted

Some time ago, I wrote about Simple:Press – The Forum Plugin for WordPress. When I first posted about this plugin, I hadn’t yet made use of it, but shortly after, I experimented and quickly became a huge fan. Yes, there are other solutions out there, but Simple:Press has the power and flexibility of other open source forum solutions, while integrating seamlessly with your existing WordPress users and database.

The Forum Plugin for WordPress
The Forum Plugin for WordPress

Better still, the development of this plugin has been non-stop since it’s creation, so you can be fairly certain that it will continue indefinitely. Just look at some of the features:

  • Fully integrated with WordPress user registrations and logins
  • Creates ‘pretty/seo friendly’ permalinks
  • Underpinned by a powerful user and permission system
  • Can create private forums
  • Forums can be ‘Members Only’ or can allow for Guests
  • Private Messaging system
  • Admins can allow for post moderation (approval)
  • Built in Search tool
  • Fully customisable skins and icons
  • Most rendering functions are ‘pluggable’
  • Member Profile updating – users can change own passwords
  • Choice of Editors (RTE, HTML, bbCODE)
  • Options Signatures, Signature Image, Avatars, and Rankings
  • A variery of Template Tags – recent posts etc
  • Progammable Hooks for user extension
  • Optional Spam Prevention tools
  • Optional Cookies to track Guests and Members
  • Fully Localised for language support
  • Optional and various RSS feeds and email subscription to topics
  • Various display options to suit your needs and theme
  • An Admin toolset to perform many tasks from within the forum itself
  • Blog Posts and Forum Topics can be linked
  • Support for the Democracy Polls plugin
  • Support for the Gravatars 2 plugin
  • Forum Statistics – including who is online
  • Complete uninstall/removal option
  • Support for the All In One SEO Pack Plugin (Browser title bar)
  • View Admins New Post Queue from ALL views with ‘Quick Reply’
  • Right-to-left language support in the TinyMCE editor
  • Topic Status Tracking
  • Custom Smileys
  • RTE Toolbar Customisation
  • Pre-registration Policy display option
  • Post Ratings
  • Add Custom Profile data items
  • ‘Watched’ topics
  • Multiple forum Admins
  • Members List

Get Simple:Press here. If you’re using this plugin, or about to try it out, the WPM readers would be happy to here of your endeavors. Feel free to leave your comments below:)


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