Ron & Andrea Rennick Interview

In this episode of WordPress People we interview Ron & Andrea Rennick of Rennick Media Ltd. If you’re not familiar with this prolific couple, and you are serious about succeeding online with WordPress, this interview is a must-listen.

Take your online business to the next level by learning how they started, the revenue streams they’ve created with their various web properties, lessons learned when looking for information, and about their latest plugin that allows a Multisite admin to completely duplicate a site, with plugins settings and all.

Special Note: The Rennicks have provided a discount coupon only for WP Pro Business readers! Check the bottom of this article for details.

Ron & Andrea Rennick Interview - WordPress People
Ron & Andrea Rennick Interview - WordPress People

Meet the Rennicks


Always adept at math and logic games, Ron was introduced to computers in high school through an elective course. A few years later, he had the opportunity to attend college and take a computer programming diploma program where he excelled and graduated at the top of the class.
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Remember the Vic20? Andrea does. She had a Commodore 64, new. Her grandfather was a radio guy and she saw that electronic gadgets can be fun. Push a button here, tweak it there… create something new.

Creativity plays a large part of her life – inside the house and out. From sewing and cooking to gardening, you won’t find her just in front of the computer. She also likes to take pretty pictures and she wishes she could get paint chips sorted by hex color.
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What Do They Provide to WordPress Users?

The list products and services they provide is long, and they’re not all just paid-for either. Ron and Andrea are true WordPress People and exhibit the same community spirit that WordPress, and Open Source software as a whole, was founded on.

They provide a wealth of expert advice and information through various forums including the official forums, StudioPress, and WP Tavern to name a few. They also provide free plugins to the community and offer support and regular updates to add new features and keep up with new releases of the software.


The Rennicks provide plugins for WordPress Network sites at WP eBooks. Please note that these plugins are for WordPress installs making use of the Multisite feature. One of their latest plugins, WP Replicator allows you to completely duplicate an existing site on a Multisite installation. It’s a very powerful plugin for streamlining the development of new sites within a Multisite install.


All of the plugins you’ll find on WP eBooks also come with detailed eBooks containing instructions and tips on how to make the most of the features provided. They also provide stand-alone eBooks for free plugins. One example is the installation guide for the freely available SharDB plugin.

It contains specific instructions for setting up multiple databases to scale your WordPress network (multisite) install.

  • Step by Step instructions with screenshots
  • Database creation using cPanel
  • SSH scripts for database creation
  • SSH/cron script for database backup
  • Troubleshooting guide


You can find a wealth of WordPress Multisite tutorials at their other site, WPMU Tutorials. WPMU stands for “WordPress Must-Use”. I believe this was the first site ever dedicated to teaching how to use the features of Multisite.

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