How to Replace an Image in Post or Page

If you have already added an image to a post or page and later realize it is not the best image for your content, or you find one you like a little more than the previous, you can always replace it with very little effort.

How to Replace an Image in a WordPress Post or Page
Replacing an Image is Simple

Edit Screen

Once you have decided on a different image you can replace the old image by first going to the edit post or page screen. Simply find the page or post you wish to edit, hover your cursor over the title, then select edit and you will be on the edit screen. Find the image in your post by scrolling up or down with the arrows on the side.

Select Image

After you find the image you need to delete, click on the image and a border will appear around the image as well as two icons. The first one is the edit icon and to the right of that is the delete icon.

Delete Image

Next, click on the delete icon. The delete icon is the red circle with a red slash through it. Even though you have deleted this image from your post or page, the image will remain in your media library for future use if desired.

Replace Image

Now you are ready to replace the image you have deleted. Click on the add an image icon located at the top of the format toolbar. It will be the first icon to the right of the Upload/Insert text.

The add an image window will appear giving you options like, add image from a computer, from another site or URL, or the media library.

Watch the Video

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