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When you are in a competitive business it’s not rare to realize that you may need to learn a new language. Developing a business website or blog won’t require you to learn Spanish or Chinese, but you should be learning the language used by search engines.

Learn How Search Engines Think for Better Optimization of Your Content
Needle in a Haystack

What Is This Language?

When someone is looking for information on the internet they use a search engine which in turn hunts for pages determined by the words the user types.  The engine will probe hundreds of millions of pages for matching keywords and return with the results.

This language is known as Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).

This language is based on what keywords your readers or customers use when they perform a search.  It can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

What Can It Do?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the manner in which you enhance the visibility of a website or page in search engine results. When optimized properly, it can place your website among the top results when a relevant search is performed putting you in the face of millions of potential readers.

Scribe SEO is what we recommend that will help you to optimize your content for search engines. This is a tool that provides you with SEO rules to follow and quickly teaches you how to think like a search engine for easier optimization.

It can enable you to go from the shadows to the spotlight.

Scribe SEO Can Help You

Efficiency is your friend and Scribe SEO makes that friend move in with you permanently! You will discover how it trains you to think and you will notice targeted keywords pouring out of your head like a second fluent language. It will also provide you with keyword suggestions you may not have thought of on your own.

It will analyze your reader-focused content and lets you know how to properly adjust it so it is easily presented to search engines based on 15 SEO best practices.

Scribe SEO will help you build back links with it’s link building tools as well as cross-link content from within your own site. On the social media front, it will help recognize influential users that have an interest in sharing your content.

We are recommending Scribe because we use it on all of our websites and blogs and feel very strongly that it is a solid and useful tool for everyone.

See for yourself and learn more about Scribe in this video.

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