One Year Later…

If you’re reading this post via email or in your RSS reader, you might be surprised. After all, it’s been an entire year since I last posted on WP Pro Business.

Where Have I Been?

Well, if you read the post before this one you would have seen the announcement of our launch of, a premium WordPress plugin eCommerce site.

FooPlugins has taken the bulk of my attention this past year. It’s no small task building an online software business (if you want it to grow fast).

I also spent a lot of time being an attentive work-at-home Dad to our now 23 month old son. Having the opportunity to both grow a software business and spend time teaching my child are two things of which I am very grateful!

Why Am I Back?

Well, I never really left.

Seriously, you should see how many Draft posts I’ve made over the past year, the content of which is now outdated unfortunately.

There are many reasons to resurrect this site, not the least of which is because I love my mission here; helping others stay updated and in touch with the many awesome ways you can use WordPress to build a viable full time business.

One example of that can be seen here.

What to Expect from WP Pro Business

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of this site and what it’s goal should be compared to the original goal and in light of my other projects.

I’m not completely decided on the direction just yet other than to say that I will continue to create content that will help others in developing their own sites and businesses powered by WordPress.

Cleaning House

There’s also some deep cleaning to do here on the site, and some of that can’t happen until I confirm the decisions above. There are a lot of plugins installed and activated on this site that are left over from testing plugins and marketing experiments.

Those will be getting reviewed and axed first. I need to slim down the code used here and make sure the site is streamlined as possible.

Hosting Move

I’ll most likely be changing hosts as well. This site has been on a great host for several years, but over the past couple of years I’ve been working Managed WordPress Hosting services like WP Engine, SiteGround, and Pagely and have found their specialized WordPress services to be indispensable.

This will come later, but it’s coming.

Will You Stick With Me?

As I write this I realize that perhaps many of you who relied on WP Pro Business for keeping up-to-date on the type of content I posted here may have moved on to other resources in the WordPress space, or even onto other business and personal interests.

It happens of course, and I wish you the best of success in anything you decide to do.

However, if you are reading this and are still running your own blog or business with WordPress, I humbly ask that you consider visiting the site from time to time or stay subscribed to the email list here.

I don’t intend to disappoint.