Keyword Research for Beginners

All SEO begins with solid keyword research. It doesn’t matter if you are focusing on off-page or on-page SEO. You still need to know the right keywords for targeting the audience you are speaking to.

Beginner Keyword Research
Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Here are some good tips to help you on your way:

Longtail Keywords

A longtail keyword consists of two words or more. There are fewer searches for these but they are more targeted. They are used by people looking for specific things. They already know what they want and are nailing it down. They know exactly what they want.

These keywords are easier to get ranked for because the competition is less. You can actually bring in more high quality leads with long tail keywords than you can trying to push through more general keywords.

Research Your Keywords

Your keyword research is crucial for any kind of success, but it can be a little tough to get it right. That is why a lot of people hire professionals.

How To Know A Good Keyword

Before you try to target a specific keyword then you need to see if it will rank well. You can use the Google Adwords Tool to help you see how many searches those keywords get, and it can help you see how competitive those keywords are.

There are several tools you can find for this, some paid and some free. They help you get some helpful information about how to land in the top ten of the search results. You can find out about how many backlinks to each page, backlinks to that domain, page-rank, and on-site optimization abut that URL, title, and header tags and description.

All of this information will give you what you need for determining how hard or easy it will be for ranking for specific words. If you need help there are professional SEO companies that can do this work for you.

Buying Keywords

If you have services/products to sell, then it’s a good idea to emphasize the ‘buying’ keywords. Words like ‘best’, ‘cheap’, ‘offer’ and similar words generally will reach those who are looking for something to buy, and this is the kind of person you want to target.

This does not mean you should leave out other keywords. Information keywords can be very helpful for locating people who are searching for information and ready to buy, but being smart with your keywords can really make a difference in your sales.

You can go at it alone or use an expert, but just make sure you take this very serious. SEO is the key to be able to make money online and to be successful for any website. If you cannot do it yourself then make sure you hire someone to help you. Your success depends on it.

Thomas Alling likes to writes about internet marketing and the topic, how to make money online.