I’ve Made a Decision to Start Blogging About My Business Ventures

Hi all, Adam here.

This entry will serve as the first of many with a more personal focus on this site. It will contain content surrounding my business building efforts as we continue to grow.

My overall business focus at this time is WP Pro Business and the path it needs to take to meet my goals. Another project front and center right now is FooBox and nurturing the partnership there to insure success for all and to continue to lay the foundation for the said goals above.

Brian Krogsgard Inspired Me…

I read two articles today by Brian Krogsgard. They certainly weren’t the first blog posts I’ve read of his, but these two kinda brought this into line for me. I’ve been so busy juggling all the recent changes in my life…going full-time with the business, my wife giving birth to our first baby boy (proud father), and all the other important things that I want to spend time with (I love you honey;).

Brian talks about making his WordPress theme here:

Brian’s advice about attending WordCamps here: (something you should be doing if you’re reading this)

After reading Brian’s posts, it was the honest and direct writing that inspired me most.  I relate that intimately with how I make decisions about the business and have been struggling with having few people to discuss business plans with one-on-one. I am now trying to do that more with a couple team members, but I wanted to put it out here in the hope that other like me in the WordPress and business community could chime in every now and then with their feedback, advice, or advice requests to ask how I am doing something in particular.

I’m happy to share what’s working and what isn’t.

What Are My Goals?

Glad you asked.

Two main goals:

  1. To organize my thoughts somewhere “verbally”.
  2. To assist other entrepreneurial types in the WordPress world (or any digital product or online business) by showing them some real, pure, content. No marketing angles here.

Here’s some more goals in no real order. They’re in order in my head (mostly) but some things are dependent on others and sometimes that changes from day to day. If you work on the web with a remote team or your own clients. you know exactly what I mean. Not inherently bad, just the nature of the beast.

Some more goals:

  • Continue building partnerships
  • Offer more money to current paid team members. Start paying our currently unpaid team members
  • Refine the WP Pro Business business paths and bring in more team members as we can for each part of the business
  • Offer more of a management role to current teams members. This will likely come hand-in-hand with the ability to increase pay of course;) I need to “let go” of things people are good at. Hard to do when you’ve been doing everything alone for so long even when people working with you are the bees-knees.
  • and probably some more I’m sure…

What’s Next?

Well, since FooBox is the most exciting thing to happen since Microsoft moved to WordPress, probably it. If you haven’t been following along, FooBox is a WordPress plugin release that I have been working on for at least a couple of months with Brad Vincent of Themergency fame. Brad has some very popular plugins being utilized by WordPress users…a lot of them.

Our skills have complimented each other very well so far with this project and I expect that will continue. I have a vision and so does he. The lucky thing is that our visions pretty match regarding WordPress and the spirit thereof in regard to building a sustainable business model.

You will be seeing a lot from us in the coming months, and Foobox is the beginning.

If you would be so kind, please feel free to leave a comment below to let me know you’re reading.

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