How to use the WordPress Slideshow Plugin

I’ve had the opportunity to use many different WordPress slideshow plugins through the years and each of them seem to have certain features that they manage and execute very well. That said, each plugin is different and targeted toward a specific task and none of them ever satisfied me completely, but I’ve found one that comes closer than any of the others.

I want to call out right now that this is a paid plugin and that I am only sharing this information because I have purchased it myself and believe in it’s value. Therefore any links in this article that lead to the slideshow plugin are affiliate links which means if any of you end up purchasing this plugin, I can buy my dogs a few more treats:)

Promise: I will never recommend a premium plugin or theme unless I have personally used it and think it’s useful.

This plugin is aptly named Slideshow Plugin. It’s almost too direct of a name in the WordPress plugin world if you ask me, but the author seems to be pretty ingrained in the online marketing community, so I’ll assume she knows her stuff and how she wants her plugin to be found. I’ve made a short video of how to create a simple slideshow and insert it into a WordPress page using a shortcode that the plugin provides. I purposefully did not administer the plugin before making this video in order to show you just how user friendly and straightforward it was to setup a nice looking slideshow in a matter of minutes.

WordPress Slideshow Plugin
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There are several more configuration possibilities with this plugin, including adding an audio file to play during individual slideshows you create. Overall I’ve been very happy with the features of this plugin and in my opinion, it was well worth the cost of the developer license that enables me to use it on any client site that needs a slideshow feature. Read more about the WordPress Slideshow Plugin here.