How to Prioritize Without Going Completely Mental

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The Problem We All Face?

Please tell me in the comments on this post that I’m not alone.

Pretty please?

I didn’t used to have any trouble prioritizing, or at least I don’t think I did. Maybe it came with age or with the addition of the responsibilities like:

  • Owning a home
  • Having a child
  • Building a business
  • or maybe I should have never sold that Volkswagen Bus and lost my freewheeling spirit…

Whatever the cause, I’ve been struggling internally with prioritizing my daily responsibilities and tasks, both personally and professionally.

That struggle then turns into a mental game. If I start letting myself get overwhelmed with trying to manage it all in an organized way, my mental game snowballs into something that takes control, and when that happens…I start to shutdown.

And shutting down is the absolute opposite of what I should be doing in order to lesson the stress of trying to complete my goals right?

I know logically that I just need to tackle one task at a time and not jump from one thing to another, but if you can relate at all to my experience above, you know that’s easier said than done.

But not impossible.

The Simple Answer


Two simple words right? Seems easy enough.

  • Stop worrying about it so much
  • Stop trying to do it all at one time
  • Stop thinking that everything is equally important
  • Stop being dishonest with yourself in how much you can accomplish in a single day
  • STOP letting this needless worry take time away from what’s truly important!

Take two minutes to watch the clip below. It really sums up how ridiculous I’m being when I let this kind of stuff get to me so much.

Please, I beg of you. Watch this clip and then consider how much undue stress and worry we all tend to put on ourselves from time to time.

How do you prioritize your day?