How to Manage Affiliate Links in WordPress

Managing links in WordPress can sometimes get a bit out of control depending on how you’re utilizing them. On our site we manage all kinds of links, and many of them are affiliate links to products or services we use and recommend to our users.

Through the years we’ve tried many link management solutions for WordPress, but we received word recently about another WordPress affiliate link management plugin and gave it a try. Here’s how it went down and our opinion.

I received an email the other day from Josh Kohlbach, a plugin developer and programmer from Australia, asking for my feedback on his premium plugin made especially for managing affiliate links named Thirsty Affiliates.

Affiliate Link Management Plugin for WordPress

There is a long list of features, but it short this plugin allows you too…

  • Have a built in affiliate link cloaker with ability to add your own prefix. Ex:”recommended, go, products, get it now”, etc.
  • Easy affiliate link categorization
  • Backup links using WordPress export/import
  • and much more…

I put his plugin to the test by installing it on the latest WordPress 3.3 beta4 I am using on my demo site and first making sure his plugin made use of the great new features coming in WordPress 3.3. sure did, and that’s impressive. This is the first sign to me that this plugin is well coded and follows WordPress best practices.

So, I started digging into the features and everything just worked. Exactly as advertised.

Affiliate Links Management Settings

Thirsty Affiliate Links Management Settings
Thirsty Affiliate Links Management Settings

Affiliate Link Category Management

Affiliate Links Management for WordPress
Affiliate Links Category Management

Affiliate Links Management

WordPress Affiliate Link Category Management
WordPress Affiliate Link Management

Affiliate Links Statistics Tracking

WordPress Affiliate Links Stats Tracking
WordPress Affiliate Links Stats Tracking

The Moral of the Story…

…is to let you know if you’re looking for an easier way to manage your affiliate links in WordPress, the Thirsty Affiliates plugin gets my highest recommendation.

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