How to Create Landing Pages in WordPress

Landing pages are one the most effective methods any online business or marketer can use to highlight a product or service in a visually pleasing way.

Premise Plugin Example Landing Pages
Landing Page Examples

Why Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages are designed for one purpose…to get your reader or potential customer to take action on something. This might be an email signup or it could be to call you and schedule an appointment, or even to click a “Buy Now” button to purchase your product.

But Landing pages are tricky.

Get them right, and they become one major piece of a booming business online.

Get them wrong, and, well … *nothing* happens.

And that’s just the writing part.

If you’ve ever tried to *build* a landing page in WordPress, you know it can get very frustrating, very fast. The basic idea is to strip all the extras away — on that page only — so your reader focuses on the action or product you want them to focus on.

So, away you go…

Remove the sidebars. Change the header. But don’t change the header on all the other pages of your site!

PHP. HTML. Javascript (some people barely know what these are). Track down the right images and graphics.

Play with color, add an opt-in form (one that actually looks good). Add video, add audio, and on and on and on.

Unless you’re a developer, this stuff can drive you crazy, and waste a lot of your time.

Let me tell you my own quick story:

I spent hours creating my own custom WordPress page templates and with every new landing or sales page I created, I had so much to do that I lost focus on the products and services I was promoting.

Obviously I didn’t want that, so I had to make a judgment call and simply stopped creating landing pages completely. Dumb move on my part.

Here’s the thing…

The Premise for WordPress landing page software was built to solve all these problems for you (and more).

Premise is a plugin for WordPress that takes all the hassle out of building effective landing pages that get results.

And it does it all, right from inside WordPress. Check it out here:

WordPress Landing Page Plugin
Premise Plugin for WordPress

Beyond page building and design, you also get copywriting advice (right from inside WordPress), plus copywriting and conversion optimization seminars — all at no extra charge.

Premise for WordPress is the total package when it comes to getting people to take the action you’re looking for, without wasting hours trying to get your page just right.

Here’s a quick look at what you get when you buy Premise:

– Unlimited landing pages you can create
– Unlimited domains you can use Premise on
– Copywriting and conversion seminars
– Specific copywriting advice inside WordPress
– 1,100+ custom graphics library
– Technical support and updates

Anyway, if you want to take all the hassle out of building landing pages for your WordPress site, you should check out Premise right now:

PS. If you’re not absolutely delighted with everything Premise for WordPress does for you and your bottom line, just use the clearly-marked contact form in the HELP section of the member area within the first 30 days and they’ll promptly refund your money.