How to Create a WordPress Membership Site

Your Members The Wordpress Management PluginI’ve been developing websites for many years, and I use WordPress as the backend for most of them. I’ve often thought about creating membership based websites for various informational and download products, but when looking for a solution that offered the straightforward functionality I was looking for, all of the plugins I had looked at fell short of my expectations.

Today, that may have all changed. During my daily journey on the web I came across a plugin called Your Members from Cambridge New Media Services. Here’s the description from the plugin’s page:

Allows you to set up a blog which accepts money in return for access to individual posts or general membership. Your Members is the Wordpress Membership Plugin designed and built to allow you to build membership sites quickly and easily.

It includes:

  • Flexible Membership and subscription management
  • Pay per Post (not to be confused with the other one)
  • Authenticated Downloads

and loads of other features…

If you have visited the links above, you’ve already learned that this is a paid plugin. If you’re just learning that as you read this, well, now you know…it’s a paid plugin. Does that make it any less useful? Absolutely not! In fact, I think that’s a tell tale sign that it works, and that it can be flexible enough to help you earn a serious income from running a membership based WordPress installation.

Of course, you have to have some legitimate and worthy products or reasons for people to want to join, but that’s up to you. The technical challenge of how to offer those products can be achieved by using the Your Members WordPress plugin.

Your Members The Wordpress Management Plugin