How the Search and Replace Plugin Helped with my Domain Change

As you may know, I recently changed the domain name of this site. You can read more about it here. During this change, I went through a series of steps to cleanup my site. Some of these included activating the same plugins I had installed, scanning my post content for security breaches, and making sure I didn’t have any dead links.

I’m comfortable writing SQL queries to search and replace, but I’d been aware of a plugin by Frank Bültge for some time that allows for a simple search and replace of your content, and I wanted to give it a shot. As you might have guessed, it’s aptly named Search and Replace. I just wanted to point out that Frank is an avid and excellent plugin developer and I really appreciate all his hard work and dedication to the WordPress project.

I took a video of my experience as you can see below. I hope it helps give you a better idea of just how useful this plugin can be.