Giveaway of Free WordPress Multisite Plugins

If you’re a regular WordPress user, it’s likely you’re aware of the Multisite capabilities that can be activated.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, in a nutshell, having a Multisite installation allows you to manage an entire network of WordPress powered sites, all from one Admin area. Stay tuned for more information and tutorials coming soon in my WordPress Multisite series.

The Contest

The prizes are being offered by @wpmuguru and @andrea_r of You may also know them as Ron and Andrea Rennick, long time WordPress Multisite (MU) users, support forum posters, beta testers, WordPress core contributors and all around good people in the community. They know WordPress Multisite, period.

Plugin Prizes

WordPress Multisite Plugin for Aggregating Global Content

3 Copies Available

The ebook with included plugins covers how to set up the main site and the home page of the network to make it easier for visitors to access content from across the entire install.

We’ll show you how to aggregate global content, set up sitewide tags, create a huge tags cloud like the one seen on, and also a bonus tutorial on how to make the default signup page its own specially named page to help stop spammers. And there’s even more hidden gems in there…

Professional Domain Mapping with WordPress Multisite

2 Copies Available

If you are running multiple sites within WordPress, you may wish to have each site use its own domain. This plugin will help you do that. Included is an eleven page ebook with full documentation and screenshots to help you set up whatever kind of server you have.

Professional Domain Mapping is the ideal plugin to use if you wish to hide the originating domain of the network, and where you wish for the Super Admin to be the only one with access to the menu. In addition, only one domain can be mapped to any site.

Included with each plugin is of course, an ebook that includes full instructions. You’ll also get access to support forums for each plugin at!

How to Enter

Two steps, easy peasy.

  1. Post a link back to my site using one of the three urls below, your pick.
  2. Leave a comment here with link url.
  3. 5 winners will be randomly selected from the comments and notified by email.
  4. Contest ends Sunday Dec. 5th at Midnight EST.

Choice of URLs to link to:

Links can be most anywhere. Here’s a few ideas…

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Thanks for your participation and good luck!