Delete An Image From A Post Or Page

Sometimes you may want to delete an image you have added to a post or page for various reasons. You may have selected the wrong image, or the image doesn’t have the effect you thought it would, it may be the wrong shape, a weird color, you placed it in the wrong section, or you may have found another image that is more appropriate to your content.

Deleting an Image from a WordPress Page or Post
Look for the Delete Icon in Red

Edit Page

To delete an image from a post or page, you will want to be on the post edit screen, or the page edit screen. This is the same page you do any other type of editing to your pages or posts.

Select Image

Scroll through your post or page until you have located the image you want to delete. Then click on the image you want to remove and click the delete icon. The delete icon is the red circle with the slash through it in case you are unsure.


Before you save anything, it is a good idea to click on the preview button to view any changes you may have made. The preview changes button is located on the top right-hand corner of the publish module. Previewing your changes before you publish or save the changes to your post or page will let you know if further tweaking is needed.

Save Changes or Publish

After you have previewed the post or page and have decided you’re happy with the changes click on the update button and publish your changes to your website.

If you are not ready to publish at that time and are waiting to publish your page or post at a later date then click on the save button in the publish module. When you are ready to publish you can always preview the post or page one last time before publishing.

Watch the Video

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