The Best Part of My Day

It’s hard to pick just one, so maybe I should have titled this post differently, but one of my favorite times of the day is 4am when everyone else in the house is sleeping.

Early to Rise

I have always been an early riser. It stems from my childhood. My Dad was always up early and the bathroom in our house was at the end of the hall from my bedroom. My bedroom door was always open and that allowed me to see down the hall and know when the bathroom light went on.

Getting up early has always made me feel like I have more time in the day, and why wouldn’t it? It also gives me the feeling that I’m protecting the family. I don’t know why exactly, it just does…and I like that.

Not surprisingly, it also gives me an opportunity to get some focused quite time before the chores and daily tasks kick into full gear.

A Little Creature is Stirring

As I sit here typing, I have a video baby monitor next to me. I can see and hear our (almost 21 month old) son in his crib. This is the time of day when he starts rolling around.

Sometimes he talks to himself and sometimes he stands in his crib to turn on the music f his mobile. He loves music:)

Sipping My Coffee

Ah…the simple things. A hot cup of coffee in a cool office. I say office, but I really mean garage. Whatever…it works.

1,2,3 Go!

It’s now 5:45am and in 15 minutes I need to wake my wife up so she can get to her appointment on time. We’re having another baby if you didn’t know, and he’s coming some time in the next 6 weeks.

I know as soon as she gets up that will trigger a series of events that won’t wind down until late tonight.

The dog will want t go outside and will want breakfast. Our son will be listening intently to the noises we make and will decide that he too wants to get in on the fun.

What’s the favorite part of your day?

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