Baby Number Two is Coming

Four Weeks and Counting Down

We are a mere four weeks away from the due date of our second child. Our 21 month old son is going to be a big brother. It really just hit me this morning.

That’s not much time at all!

Parenthood Worries

This Just Got Real

Logically I knew this was coming of course, but I think I was fooling myself a bit for the past few months.

I think I told myself early on that having this second baby would be much easier than the first. Not that our first son’s birth was difficult, it was actually pretty fast in the grand scheme of things, but it was all of the unknowns and questions that come along with your first child.

  • What diapers to buy
  • What bottles to use
  • How to give him a bath
  • When will he have his first poop. Oh lord, when will that first poop come along!?!?

Our first son took 8 days before his first poop. It was the main topic of conversation every single day.

Did he poop yet?

Nope, no poop yet.

Is he OK?

Dr. says wait it out.

How long are we supposed to wait!?

You get the idea. A lot of unknowns and a lot of questions that seem to have such simple answers now.

Baby Number Two? No Sweat. I Got This.

I thought I did, but after my wife’s doctor appointment yesterday, it all became clear to me that this second child; this little brother; this little human growing inside my wife…is a completely different person than our first child.

He will look different. He will sound different. He will be on a different poop schedule;) etc… etc…

Uh oh, maybe I don’t “got this”!

So I started trying to remember all the little things that we had to learn when our first son came along and my mind went blank.

“Those bottles, are you sure we used those bottles? They look so tiny. How many ounces should he have? Didn’t we keep a daily chart last time?”

And a dozen other little worries that came over me like a tidal wave.

Keep It Simple.

Present fears are less than horrible imaginings.
William Shakespeare

But then I looked at our 21 month old. Babbling away while reading his book. I started remembering all the little milestones. The first time he smiled, the first time he rolled over on his own, the first steps, and I realized something.

We’ve done a pretty good job so far.

We made it through the first set of unknowns and we’ll make it through this next set of unknowns. There’s no need to worry, you just do what you need to do.

And if you’re smart, you enjoy every single minute of it.

The Potential 10 Pounder

At yesterday’s doctor visit we found out that the baby is now over 8lbs and if he goes full term, it’s likely he could reach the 10lb mark. It also looks like he has a full head of hair already.

Compare this to our first son who was a mere 5lbs 13oz when he was born, and is still a little thin on top;)

Yep, this is a completely unique person and we’re looking forward to meeting him!

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