A Free Web Development Utility I Can't Live Without

When developing websites, there is one little utility that makes it easier for me, VMN Toolbox. I came across VMN Toolbox when I was searching for a lightweight tool to take screen shots while creating tutorials to assist others on WordPress Modder. After downloading and using this utility, it quickly became apparent to me that it not only offered great options for screen shots, but also several other helpful tools, all rolled into one.

Here’s a screen shot of the Screen Capture tool from the VMN Toolbox website:

VMN Toolbox Web Toolbox

Not only do I make use of the screen shot tool often, but also the Color Picker tool. Because I develop websites almost exclusively with WordPress, I am always modifying different themes, and making additions to the sites by adding forums, ecommerce capabilities, or other things that require matching colors to fit in with the main theme colors. To do this, I could search through the stylesheet for each theme to know what hex colors are used, but I prefer using the Color Picker tool. It’s much faster and also allows me to find out the colors used for websites that don’t allow me access to the stylesheet.

Here’s a screen shot of the Color Picker tool from the VMN Toolbox website:

VMN Toolbox Web Toolbox

I’ll leave it up to you to explore VMN Toolbox’s other tools, but for my needs, it’s simply a must have. You can download VMN Toolbox here.

What is your favorite web development utility?